Teach anyone who wants to learn. Give access to those who want to play better games. Set a new standard for the sport. Innovate the footvolley experience. Be in contact with the best athletes and disseminate their teachings. Encourage sport. Create and help publicize events. Unite the different hubs across Brazil and the world. Help the professionalization of footvolley. Work for it to become an Olympic sport.  


We are passionate about the sport and we want to help anyone and everyone to start or improve their practice. Can't train with us in Rio, San Diego or Lisbon? No problem. Contact us and we will direct you to the many partners we have in Brazil and worldwide. Would you like to become a teacher and open your own school? Get in touch with us and we will inform you about our teacher training course. We are ready to add, always. Our aim is the diffusion and development of Footvolley, in Brazil and in the world.


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