Our Team

We are proud to announce the partners of Footvolley Club

Erick Kretzu

With first-rate communication skills and teamwork, Erick Kretzu is the pioneer of Footvolley Club, watched the sport arising and is a pro at the court and in connecting people. Footvolley Club would have not been able to land so many wins if it weren’t for our talented Founder, Professor and Partner.

Daniel Gaspar

With a mind for strategy and high achievements, Daniel Gaspar makes our team a way more competent one. There is no wonder why Gaspar joined our team as a Professor and Partner, we couldn’t be any prouder.

Phillipe Happ

Our Personal Trainer, Phillipe Happ, makes every play an exciting one. Happ is noticeable one of the best players of nowadays, besides all his knowledge about Physical Education. We are so happy to have such a high level Partner and Professor in our team.

Lucas Dantas

Lucas is definitely not a quitter. For sure the player that has improved the most over the years, Lucas Dantas today is our Business Man and Professor. Footvolley Club is unstoppable with him.

Léo Tubarão

Inventor of the Shark Attack, Léo Tubarão is the Marketing head and pro player at Footvolley Club. Indeed was one of the best players in history, and the best part is that we get to count on him in our journey as a Business Partner.


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