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History of Footvolley Club

      Footvolley Club was born with a local from Rio de Janeiro, which found himself uncomfortable on his tourism career and have always had the dream to work with his hobby that was the sport. Erick Kretzu used to play on the sands of "Posto 9" (meaning 9 Station), in Ipanema, since 1994 and, in 2016, decided to leave everything behind and take his dream along with him to San Diego, California. Kretzu founded the very first Footvolley School of the Golden State with the name of San Diego Footvolley, introducing to the United States something very few people had seen before: a ball being thrown over a net, just like Volleyball, but without using the hands.

            Initially, Erick faced many challenges because the sport was very unknown in the North. A lot of Americans saw the sport as an entertainment only and impossible to be played. The first players of the School were Brazilians living abroad, who slowly started introducing the sport interculturally. Seeing that his project was growing and needing a boost, the Professor meets Daniel Gaspar in one of his classes, who becomes essential part on his project. Gaspar was also unhappy on his career in the Finances area and, when he meets the School, decides to abandon his job in order to dedicate his life to his passion that was the Footvolley. In no time, Daniel becomes partner with Kretzu and launch the Footvolley Club: a very innovative purpose that was not only training athletes and new athletes in high standard, but also to be a space where people can have fun and feel welcomed, with no distinctions. Because of that, soon Footvolley Club becomes more than a Club, but a Family.

           In 2017, identifying with this purpose of an innovative and multinational club, Lucas Cunha and Philippe Happ decide to become partners, turning the famous net of Posto 9, in Ipanema, onto one more headquarter of Footvolley Club. Happ, who was always passionated about sports, is graduated in Physical Education and has countless certifications, representing today one of the biggest Footvolley Athletes in the world. In no time, Happ becomes also a Professor at the Club, together with Lucas, being both very well known on passing along the sport's method. Them both got to know each other at the net and, from their backgrounds and dreams, decided to follow with Footvolley Club purpose together in Rio de Janeiro.

       To aggregate even more to the School and to professionalize as a reference in training of excelence, in 2018 Footvolley Club has received one more member as a partner: the reputed athlete Léo Tubarão. Inventor of the Shark Atack, movement that uses the sole of the foot in order to strike out the ball with strength in the opponent court, Léo was one of the biggest champions in the history of Footvolley and it is still worldly recognized for its achievements until today. Tubarão contributes with his knowledge, performance and marketing to the strategies of the Club.

            In 2019, the group decides to create one more headquarter, now in Lusitana lands. Erick becomes focal point of Footvolley Club Lisboa, second school of Footvolley in Portugal. Once more, the Club has, as a driving force, to exceed the expectations of its clients. The Footvolley Club follows with the highest goals, always with focus on excelence, in connection of people and in entertainment, providing an experience never seen before in the sport.


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